GranBio is an industrial biotechnology global leader in solutions based on biomass conversion to biofuels, biochemicals and nanocellulose with proven and proprietary technology. The Company provides technologies to produce renewable products, strongly supporting the reduction in climate changes as well as helping clients and partners to implement and develop sustainable solutions.

Granbio was founded in 2011 with the objective of offering leading integrated solutions to support the world in reducing its carbon footprint. The Company currently operates 3 integrated plants in the US and Brazil. It is the third largest nanocellulose producer and the 2G ethanol plant in Alagoas, Brazil is the largest in the world. Granbio has 11 “cultivar” for energycane registered in Brazil and it also licenses technology, with over 200 patents (amongst granted and in the process of being granted), mainly developed in its North-American facilities.

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